Which clubs have won the most UEFA Champions League titles?

When it comes to sports, the predictions play an important role and soccer tipsters are always working towards coming with better and better tips. Certainly, the quality which makes any tipster a great soccer tipster to watch out for are-

  • Challenging their limits
  • Experimenting and testing their knowledge to earn higher profits

Today, plenty of tipsters are working hard to stay ahead in the competition and getting to the monthly rankings of the leagues.

UEFA (Union of European Football Associations) is the European body that governs the football association.

 It also organizes different club competitions like

  • UEFA Champions league
  • UEFA Europa league
  • UEFA Super Cup


UEFA was also managing

  •  Intertoto Cup
  • Cup Winners’ Cup

The above two were later discontinued in the year 2008 and 1999.

Here is the list of clubs who stood as the UEFA Champion League winners and the number of times they won

With the highest number of wins, Real Madrid tops the list

Real Madrid – 13

AC Milan – 7

Bayern Munich, Barcelona and Liverpool – 5 times each

Ajax – 4

Internazionale and Manchester United – 3 times each

Juventus, Benfica, Nottingham Forest, Porto – 2 times each



Club with no titles since 2005

Although Liverpool owns 5 wins in the UEFA Champions League, it still hasn’t witnessed the title since 2005. They had won the titles in the year 1977, 1978, 1981 & 1984.

Highest wins

Real Madrid has dominated all other clubs in winning the UEFA Champions league holds 13 titles.

Soccer Clubs winning 1 UEFA Champions league title

  • Celtic
  • Steaua București
  • Hamburg
  • Marseille
  • Borussia Dortmund
  • Chelsea
  • Feyenoord
  • Aston Villa
  • Red Star Belgrade
  • PSV Eindoven


Well, a good soccer tipster loves challenges and challenges its abilities to do better, let us learn about some biggest names of soccer tipsters in the market and who gained recognition for their work.

Angus Loughran – “Statto”

Angus Loughran is a well-known sports columnist who is well versed in soccer predictions on Daily Telegraph. He also gained popularity through is soccer comments on ESPN and Eurosport.

Due to his vast soccer knowledge, he is also given the title of “human football encyclopedia”, who keep a check on thousands of matches each year and comes with plenty of predictions.

Kevin Pullein

Today, Kevin Pullein is known to be the biggest soccer tipster and with his knowledge and efforts, he has attained the place of a reputable soccer predictor. He also owns a column in Britain’s leading newspaper –‘The Guardian’. In his column, he discusses the substantial shifts of soccer betting.

All his articles are backed by research about the soccer market. These articles are also published in “The Definitive Guide to Betting on Football”.

Pete Nordsted

He got the fame as a soccer tipster along with the launch of the book – Mastering Betfair. This book helps the readers learn about the techniques to win money through sports betting. He gained a lot of success and without a long gap he launched another book known as The Essential World Cup Betting Guide.

Today, along with his friend Danny Jacques (who is a punter) he runs 2 betting sites. He is not only a sports trader but also a soccer betting expert that spends most of his time analyzing the soccer market to identify profitable bets.

Matt Love

He runs the Football Elite website for the past 11 years and also earned the position of a well-known soccer tipster in the list of renowned soccer tipsters around the world.

He backs his choices based on the following criteria

  • Odd evaluations
  • Team analysis
  • Statistical data

Matt gathers data every week and posts them as 5-10 bets recommended in European top leagues.

Ben Linfoot

Ben Linfoot is the most popular soccer tipster who gained popularity through his column published on Betting Zone. At present, he is among the most trusted tipster. Currently, he’s one of the tipsters that make the most profit through sports betting. His technique is about giving importance to his bets only for popular leagues like Champions League with a relevant approach.

If you are a football lover but no idea what is a soccer tipster is? Then read on to know the details


What is a Soccer Tipster?

Talking about a soccer tipster, he is one who places a bet hoping to win and earn a profit. If you are a punter who wants to increase profits in the long run, then you can use services offered by soccer tipster to interact with the tipster.

How soccer tipsters pick the right bet which improves the winning chances as compared to normal people

When you approach a professional tipster, you always get better tips based on extensive research and analysis. Such bets aim to earn profit.

Initially the profit may be small but if you spend some time, you can certainly earn higher profits.

Of course, the reputation of football tipsters depends on

  • Winning percentage
  • ROI(return on investment)
  • Average profit during a particular period

Many regular punters engage in multi-team accumulator with the hope to get big win. On the other hand, tipsters pick the bet they feel have the higher chances of earning profits irrespective of the profit size.

How do soccer tipsters pick their tips?

It is not a sure to succeed formula for any tipster to rely on. But, a good tipster always believes in the information required to predict better with increased winning chances.

The football tipsters would always work differently than the normal punters. The tipsters always scrutinize every statistics that can affect the result of a particular match. It can be done through extensive research and other details like head-head records, team news etc.

After the tipster gathers all the necessary information, they work hard to identify the bets with higher chances of winning and earning profit. Thus, they charge a fee to offer tips from the gains punters make.


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