Where to buy football tips?

Tipster websites enable punters to buy football tips and use them to place knowledgeable and money-making bets. In fact, if winning in soccer has become easier, it is because of these soccer tipsters.

Today winning in soccer betting is just a matter of three simple steps:

  • Choosing and registering with a good tipster,
  • Getting tips from them with regular frequency for upcoming and scheduled matches and
  • Placing wagers on odds set for different wagers by bookmakers.

While the steps seem easy in theory, implementing them is not. Choosing and registering with a good tipster website to buy football tips is a big exercise which needs to be carried out with precision and diligence. There are numerous websites available on the internet that seek to offer the best possible betting tips to punters but not all offers and claims are legitimate or true. Thus, the punter needs to be careful in his choice of a tipster website else he might fall prey to fraudulent deals when opting to buy football tips from a soccer tipster website.

There are 5 fundamental things which every punter needing to choose a soccer tipster website should know. They are:

  • Social media soccer tipsters are a strict no: Some things which should never be trusted about a soccer tipster website are:
    • Claims of making crazy money from soccer betting,
    • Knowing about fixed matches guaranteed to provide huge returns,
    • Offering cutting edge predictions which are sure to defeat bookmakers for free etc.



Punters, especially newbies, get scammed by these social media tipster websites into opting to buy football tips from them. These tips invariable result in a loss for the punters. In fact most of these social media tipsters who make tall claims and publish crazy figures of success on social media websites like Face book, Twitter etc., definitely have some affiliate deals with bookmakers. The main aim of these tipsters is to refer punters to bookmakers and take a cut out of the loss a punter suffers at the hands of the bookmakers.

Thus when faced with such so-called lucrative statistical data regarding ROI on tips offered, punters should corroborate the same by asking for:

  • The profit and loss statement of the tipster and
  • A break-up of their historical data.
  • Check for verification: This will help authenticate the tipster website from which the punter is hoping to buy football tips. In fact, the tipster should actually be verified by an independent third party. This verification for reliability can also be done by:
    • Using tipster marketplaces,
    • Analysing the historical results of the tipster website in details,
    • Taking advantage of verification websites available on the internet etc.

Tipsters that present numbers showing that they have had a fabulous run in soccer betting and have never suffered a loss should raise a red flag in the mind of the punters. Such tipsters should always be avoided at all costs.

  • Tipster should fit the betting behaviour: A punter wanting to buy football tips should make certain that the tipster he opts for provides tips for the type of bets that he likes to put a stake on. This is because every punter has their own set of soccer betting preferences as do the tipster websites. If these two preferences are not in sync, then they can never make for a winning team. Thus, it is very important for both the punter and the tipster website to understand each other’s needs and co-ordinate accordingly with regards to:
    • The staking plan.
    • The size of the bank or the money management plan,
    • Price the punter has to pay to buy football tips
  • Expectations should be realistic: Just being able to get a superlative tipster website does not automatically guarantee wins. In fact, the game of soccer is so unpredictable that a 100% per cent guarantee of any result be it the team winning or correct score etc. can never be given. Thus, the punter needs to have realistic expectations from the tipster website. He should buy football tips knowing that there is always a chance of failure.


    • Learn to lose: Despite being in a partnership of a good tipster, the chances of suffering a loss in soccer betting is omnipresent. Losing is the harsh reality of betting in any form. Thus, one should learn to accept defeat and not take it to heart. This is because once a punter takes a loss to heart and keeps playing to gain back the loss made, he loses sight of his money management plan. Thus, punters opting to buy football tips from good tipsters should also learn to accept failures gracefully if and when they are faced with it. They should also be strong enough to stick to the monetary betting limits that they have set for themselves.

    Buying football tips

    There are several good tipster websites from whom betting tips can be sourced. The top few of them are:

    •  Eurowintips.com which is not only highly accurate but it also offers predictions having decent odds,
    •  Mysafebets.com has been formed by a group of soccer tipsters in Europe and have 20 years experience in this field,
    • Tips2win.com has been founded by someone who is a statistician practising locally,
    • Sovverpicksking.com is a tipster website to which punters opting for a local sportsbook in Singapore go, to buy football tips,
    • Fixdrawsoccer.com has access to insider information and thus offers tips and predictions which are quite accurate etc.

    There are a number of tipster websites available online which are ready to offer tips and predictions to punters in lieu of money. They also come with a huge range of payment options which the punter can easily afford.

    Betting in soccer is an experience few want to miss. In fact, everyone wants to make this experience memorable by winning the bets staked on. In order to achieve this win, he needs to search the internet and come up with a good soccer tipster website that has the ability and capability of changing the punter’s dreams to reality and making him win big.

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