Soccer Fixed Match: Tricks To Spot Them And Win Big

Soccer is a sport wherein emotions and passions run very high irrespective of whether one is watching it as an audience or one is involved in betting in an ongoing game. Perhaps the world of soccer betting is somewhat more exciting because the adrenaline rush experienced is much more. The high of scoring a goal to the disappointment of seeing a player from the favourite team getting a red card, a game of soccer is a whirlwind 90minutes of highs and lows. This, in turn, provides bettors with ample opportunities to place both long term and short term bets. It would not be wrong to say that every bettor has the opportunity to win something or the other in the game of soccer. This is perhaps why soccer is the most popular betting sport even today.

But even in a sport like soccer, there are instances of match fixing wherein punters who are not able to spot one, stand to lose a lot of money which in turn becomes the bookmakers gain. Hence it is very important to learn to recognise soccer fixed matches and act accordingly.


Soccer fixed match—a definition

Simply speaking a fixed match is one wherein the outcome of the game of soccer to be played is predefined. This predefinition of the outcome of a game of soccer even before the actual game has taken place, is usually done by people involved with underground syndicates and the mafia. The precision with which this whole process is given shape makes it extremely difficult to spot them unless one knows where to look.



Soccer fixed matches are a result of the magnitude of betting that is involved in the game. This directly translates into money and fixed matches serve as a veritable goldmine where bookies and punters are concerned. With the odds generally placed on the underdog, who is expected to lose the game. But match fixing makes it possible for the stronger or predicted winning team to under perform and let the underdogs win. Thus people who bet on the underdogs win big time while people betting on the stronger team lose out on a lot of money.

Herein while the bookmaker earns a lot of sure money, it is punters who are at a greater risk. If the punter understands that a match is likely to be fixed, he stands to earn big. But otherwise, he too stands to lose out all the money that he places on a winning team. Thus it is very important to understand and spot a fixed match, especially in soccer where money and passion; both run very high.


Spotting a fixed match

There are ways and means to spot soccer fixed matches and they involve analysing actual practices to spot the same. The whole process of being able to spot a fixed match can be divided into two parts:

  • Spotting tactics before the start of the game: The general information available to the punter involved in online betting actually holds the key to spotting a fixed match before it even starts. The amount of money that has been bet on the game outcome as well as specific events taking place in the game is a clear indicator. Another thing to look out for is a change in the team constitution. Since there might be some players who refuse to take part in soccer fixed matches, these matches more often than not show a change in the team composition for no apparent reason. However, in order to understand if a change in a team is authentic or fixed, one needs to again look at the past performances of:
    • The team as a whole and
    • Individual players over a period of time.


  • Tactics undertaken during the course of the game: It is usually easier to spot fixed matches as a game progresses. Some of the prominent pointers which practically scream match fixing are:
    • The scoring of a goal within the initial 30 seconds of the start of the match especially if the goal scored is within the first few minutes of the game,
    • The pace at which the teams perform is another indicator since the underdogs on whom the odds have been placed would seem aggressive and fast paced while the team which is expected to lose would appear sluggish and lazy,
    • The frequent loss of the ball to the opponent teams players, is another indicator of soccer fixed matches,
    • The act of appearing interested when in actuality mistakes are made by the stronger team with much more frequency than they would otherwise make,
    • The decisions of the coach would seem off-putting and highly illogical with key players being substituted with weak players etc.,
    • An aggressive or biased referee might also be a sign since when soccer matches are fixed everyone from the referee to the coach and even the players etc., are all involved.



Winning on a fixed game

The ideal time to bet on soccer fixed matches is actually after the betting has already started. This is because when a match is fixed the bookmakers are generally into the whole scheme since they are the ones who direct the money movement in fixed matches. Hence they need to be kept under scrutiny since they would ideally try to encash on this opportunity as much as they can by offering high odds on the underdogs within minutes of the start of the game.

But in order to be sure, one must wait and watch for the first half of the game since the odds are generally changed to appear normal in the second half. In fact if the first half is filled with an abnormally high number of corners and fouls, the punter should look at the odds for the underdogs and then place a bet on them. If the match is actually fixed, punters betting on the underdogs stand to win huge amounts of money without the bookmakers even realising that they are being honestly cheated.

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