Soccer Betting: How To Convert It Into A Profitable Hobby

Soccer is a sport which is popular, it has a universal appeal and it is also a sport which rates very high in the betting circles. Soccer is spontaneously unpredictable and an extremely dynamic sport and thus results in an adrenaline rush, the allure of which is difficult to ignore. Every ball that is kicked has the potential to change the outcome of this sport and hence betting in this sport involves a series of highs and lows which are difficult but not impossible to predict.


Soccer betting statistics for cross-checking

This is probably the reason that many soccer betting websites offer soccer bet tips; some of which may be authentic and well-researched for while some may have been put up just as a means of attracting bettors to their websites. Hence it is very important for an online soccer bettor to check for the authenticity of the tips offered before actually incorporating them in their own strategies. Some points which every bettor should check for himself before placing soccer bets are:

  • Past records: This is perhaps the factor which has the potential of converting a bet into a winner. The past record of the teams playing against each other is something which every bettor should have a thorough knowledge in, with regards to:
    • The performance of the teams in the very recent games which needs to be cross-checked with the available soccer bet tips,
    • Their progression or regression in the last couple of years with special emphasis on the strategies that they have been adopted,
    • Players that make up the team especially new professionals who have been added, their immediate past performances, their versatility with the game, their commitment to the teams etc.,



  • Weather conditions: While most people tend to ignore this aspect of the game, it undoubtedly has a profound influence on the performance of the players and consequently the outcome of the game. Thus while some players tend to play very well in hot humid conditions there are others who may get so drained that they fall short of expectations. The sane also holds true for cold conditions, rains and all other weather and climatic changes that take place. Thus it is very important to scrutinise the performance of all the players making up the team at least for the past couple of years and then compare one’s own data with the soccer bet tips available online. 
  • Recent winners: There are two aspects to this because a bettor may choose to place his bet on the team which has either:
    • Shown a consistency in winning in the last few games played or
    • One which has been on the losing end but has the potential to make it big.


The first instance involves placing a safe bet while the second involves taking a risk, which if not taken without the proper and required calculations can result in the loss of a lot of money. Hence either way, the bettor needs to know the statistics of the winning games played by the teams in the recent past; especially their winning history.

While the above points ensure that the bettor gets ample input for placing the bet, he also needs to take care of his bank roll. Gambling holds no guarantees and thus every bet placed should be well within the limits of the bettor’s balance sheet. If one places a bet which is beyond the limits of his balance sheet, and he loses the whole amount, the bettor stands to make a huge loss; something from which he might either take a long time to recover or he may never recover at all. This is because even with authentic and well-researched soccer bet tips available online, it is very difficult to rightly predict the winner. Thus all bets come with a certain element of danger and risk.


Some betting strategies

But again in order to ensure that the hobby of soccer betting almost becomes profitable, the below given 3 strategies should be considered.

  • Have a plan in place: This is a very important part of the betting process since it helps narrow down the focus of a person and helps the person take an informed decision based on his own research and the soccer bet tips
  • Stay away from addiction: It is easy for a bobby like gambling to get converted into an addiction because:
    • Of the sheer number of online gambling websites present on the internet and
    • The easy availability of opportunities to place bets on the soccer games going on around the world.




But one must know where to draw the line especially since there is a lot of hard-earned money involved in every betting transaction made.

  • Concentrating on short bets: Soccer is one game which allows bettors the opportunity to place short term and long term bets. While the long term bets involve understanding the soccer bet tips thoroughly as they involve placing bets on the winning team, the winning goal kicked etc., On the other hand short bets involve placing bets on the immediate kick given to the football or the eventuality of the next goal or penalty happening etc. Short term goals thus allow more opportunities for winning as compared to long term bets and should be available of with much more frequency.

While adopting the above methodology goes a long way in ensuring that gambling as a hobby can become quite profitable in the long run, there is one important attribute which every bettor should posses. The bettor, especially ones who are new to the game, should have a positive attitude and retain their patience even in the event of concurrent loses. If the player gets demoralised, he should immediately leave the field of soccer betting.

On the other hand a bettor who retains positive patience and inculcates the habit of studying the soccer bet tips regularly and thoroughly, has the potential to win big time and for longer period. Thus it is prudent to remember that in soccer sport betting patience and positivity always pay in the end.

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