Best fantasy football picks for this week

The highest count of football picks for this weekend or every season is placed on Super Bowl. This is because a series of betting options are provided for this sport.

On the other hand, tech-savvy people do not bet on Super Bowl. The reason is plenty of regular bettors betting on Super bowl due to which odds sometimes are unfair or inaccurate.

Only experts with vast knowledge are smart enough to identify the fact that they have better chances of gaining higher profits by making weekly predictions for football. It is certainly the ideal way betting you should follow to identify ideal football picks for this weekend or season.

Here is the list of that become the best football picks for this weekend or even for the season

  • Christian McCaffrey
  • Michael Thomas
  • Saquon Barkley
  • Ezekiel Elliott
  • Dalvin Cook
  • Alvin Kamara
  • DeAndre Hopkins
  • Davante Adams
  • Julio Jones
  • Nick Chubb


Christian McCaffrey

Christian McCaffrey encountered a fabulous season with a hit 1,000/1,000.

He had 19 touchdowns by having the highest score as compared to the other leagues.

When it comes to drafts stated for the next years, McCaffrey will be the number one football match prediction for this weekend and overall best pick of the season selected unanimously. Talking about the most accepted record holder for the season, the season got over for him with 149-1725-9 line. He scored 100 fantasy points more than Chris Godwin, who was earlier WR2.



Thomas has seen ups and downs along with criticism but he remained quiet against his critics. The second season was lucky for him with more than 300 PPR points. It comes to twenty fantasy points on average per game.

Lamar Jackson was QB1 the last season having 1,206 rushing yards, 43 touchdowns, and 36 passing touchdowns.  If we consider some touchdown statistics still, has amazing talent and deserves to be the football pick for this weekend with his attacking ability.

He is known for his early quarterback that is completely different from the situation of Patrick Mahomes the last season. Jackson rushing floor ability and the offense of Baltimore revolves around his strengths.

Certainly, as compared to the last year this season you will get to see increased strength of Jackson. Hence, surely he is going to be the football pick for this weekend this season.

Dalvin Cook

At number three Dalvin cook has been chosen as football pick for this weekend and you may find him a little different from all others in the list.

He missed a couple of games this season, still he had a very good season and generated RB6 season in the PPR leagues. With extraordinary talent, he managed to grab the second position with the highest PPR points/game at that place.

Cook is a powerhouse and will prove to be the best soccer Tipster for this weekend in Minnesota offense.

Injuries and performances

Other players in the list are Ezekiel Elliott with 300 attempts and managed to finish the season with RB3.

Saquon Barkley & Alvin Kamara couldn’t be seen for some time in this season. Thus, they were struggling to touch the final zone during a couple of stretches.

Davante Adams who was injured and could play just 12 matches this year finished WR23.

Adams got 127 targets and attained 14th rank this year.  The players listed above could play a complete season.

Tyreek Hill faced 88 targets within 12 games and finished WR32 in the PPR formats. Well, his PPR appeal wasn’t strong as compared to others; still playing the complete season with Mahomes makes him the football pick for this weekend in the list.


The number of quarterbacks that make it to the top 100 is very less. Also, a quarterback making it to top 20 is even rare. Consider Jackson who was ranked higher.

Kyler Murray accelerated this season finished 2020 as QB7. This season he had more than 3, 7000 passing yards wherein the Cardinals offense wasn’t strong enough. He succeeded later this season finishing with more than 500 rushing yards & 4 touchdowns.

Groups that finished top 10 fantasy quarterbacks

At the end of the years the groups with players

  • Carson Wentz
  • Matt Ryan
  • Jameis Winston finished in top 10 in fantasy quarterbacks


Among these players, Jameis Winston finished QB2. He had 30 interceptions had more than 5000 yards along with 33 touchdowns. On the other hand, Ryan also had similar performance with more than 600 attempts, 26 touchdowns, and 4,400 yards.



At times the defense attempts were not promising when the ball was supposed to be thrown. However, Carson Wentz was different as he was not having any weapons and managed to toss 4000 yards & 27 touchdowns. Carson Wentz delivered with his existing skills.

Top contenders

One of the top contenders for fantasy league and prove to be football pick for this weekend and the overall season would be DeMarco Murray.

Next Henry registers as RB6. He still needs to double his statistics as compared to last year to be among the top 5 soccer tips for today and next season.


Building your fantasy football team

When it comes to ranking a fantasy player, they are ranked based on individual rankings. Each one of us can be different opinions while building our fantasy team.

While building your fantasy team, you need to follow your instincts and utilize information from different sources. Spend some time to work on the rankings of your players.

You may not be convinced with the rankings available for football picks for this weekend or this year, so make sure you search their rankings best suited for the team you have created.

When it comes to mock drafts they are quite effective if you are in a league with strangers. Make sure you have the rankings for your players ready with you. To make the process even more systematic you can divide them into categories like position and overall.

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